Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Procument

  • Order Management

  • Inventory

  • Transport Management

  • Shipping & Receiving

Supply Chain Management

SME Journal Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a full suite of enterprise application capabilities—including purchase management, sourcing and procurement, inventory management, advanced material management, shipping and receiving, and warehouse management—and is complemented by forecasting, order management, and analytics capabilities. Combined, you have the solution you need to meet—and even exceed—customer expectations in today’s increasingly global market place.

A highly effective supply chain is critical to the success of your strategic growth initiatives. Top-performing manufacturers are empowering supply chain processes with innovative technology that is best-fit for unique operational needs, easy to use, and informed by industry best practices. Drive out costs, increase velocity, and enhance your customer experience with a strong supply chain that is ready for the future. 

SME Journal provides effective coordination from initial raw materials to the ultimate delivery of the finished product, transforming your supply chain into a results-driven value chain.