SME Journal is a premiere software development company that offers diversified solutions to medium and large businesses. Whether it be comprehensive cloud-based or on-premise solutions, SME Journal sees to it that clients get what they want.

SME Journal aims to help clients reduce costs by automating business processes using software solutions. It makes sure its products are easy to use so companies could maximize their IT utilization and investment. After all, what’s the point of having state of the art technology that can’t be used? In addition, SME Journal products can easily be integrated to other solutions from other third-party providers.

Affordable software for your growing business.
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Similar products currently available in the market vary from the simple accounting software to the most complicated solutions. For the simple, off-the-shelf products, businesses often quickly fin themselves outgrowing these applications due to limitations in their functionality. For the complex and expensive high-tech solutions, many clients end up frustrated and aborting their adoption or experience low utilization because the software is too difficult to use. That is wasted investment right there. In contrast, SME Journal provides it’s clients solutions they can use, at a price they can afford, to grow with their business.​

SME Journal has a package that is suitable for every growth stage of your organization.​

For medium and large enterprises, your business can enjoy the most advanced features and functionalities of a software at par with the world’s best but priced competitively to save cost.

Why choose SME Journal?
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Solve difficult problems for our customers

Our approach is consultative. We journey with our client to find root causes and get the perspective of all pertinent stakeholders. We provide a custom solution on consultation with client executives and operations management to meet both strategic and operational needs.

SME Journal Client Relations

Client Relations

We are here for the long haul. We make sure you get to use our product to get the most from your investment. In return, you get the least cost of service.  No matter the business size, we work with equal diligence. Each engagement is important.

We value the uniqueness of each client. We try our best to understand your requirements and customize our solutions to best suit your needs. We have a solid track record on service delivery with certification and years of experience to back us up. We provide real time communication via client visits, phone call, chat or email.


SME Journal is powered by a state-of-the-art platform used by hundreds of satisfied users worldwide. As SME Journal invests in research and development, clients can be sure the products receive regular updates and upgrades that meet the growing demands of the modern workplace. With the “Cloud First, Mobile First” strategy, the SME Journal application is completely developed in HTML enabling anytime, anywhere access on devices with a web browser.

SME Journal used the Cloud Sigma platform compliant with the Data Privacy Act. Some of its many benefits include around-the-clock service monitoring, high service performance, availability, and security. Depending on the client’s location, the data can reside in Australia, Asia, or America. With active geo-replication enabled, clients are provided with database-level disaster recovery and redundancy solutions for their peace of mind.