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Create POs, manage approvals and understand spending in seconds. Quick to set up, easy to use cloud app.

Streamline the Procure-To-Pay Process

Easy to use and simple to roll out Procure-to-Pay Software in the cloud. Create and manage purchase requests and POs, track spending, and streamline your PO and Invoice processing while eliminating wasted time, resources, and labor when you digitize your PO process. Get greater accuracy, speed, visibility, and control throughout workflows and integrate with your existing ERP or accounting software. Web & mobile optimized system to use across multiple locations or from mobile devices.


Automating your purchasing process helps your team focus on what really matters. Pick your desired item from preferred vendors in a customized online catalogue and automatically send your purchase requisitions for approval based on established workflows. Our online purchase management system makes orders fast, easy, and convenient.


Move the approval process forward with powerful approval routing. Streamlined purchasing workflow without chasing people down or being chained to your desk. Customized spend limits keep your team from making maverick purchases, and with e-mail and mobile approvals, you can approve or reject purchases from anywhere in seconds.


Create and share purchase orders instantly and in multiple currencies, for multiple locations, and multiple legal entities all from one place. Get greater accuracy, speed, visibility, and control in your purchasing management workflows. Track purchases and monitor spending on the fly so that you can make smarter budgeting decisions, and ensure efficient purchase order management with our procurement software. 


Our purchasing software eliminates the tedious task of checking what you are charged against what you receive. Purchase orders, order receipts, and vendor invoices are compared automatically, highlighting issues and saving your hard-earned money while tracking deliveries for accurate inventory management in the p2p process. 

Accounts Payable

We eliminate the time wasted tracking down requestors and approvers for a vendor invoice. Using our automated three-way matching process reduces human error in the reconciliation process and automates sending authorized invoices to your accounting software for payment. Inaccurate or fraudulent vendor invoicing becomes a thing of the past, and budget and GL code allocation are automated.

Search & Track

You’ll never have to worry about audits again. Tracking purchases is easy when a full audit trail is kept for every order giving you better visibility and spend management. The ability to search the system ensures that you find the exact detail you need.


How often are you asked to create a budget report? With live budget forecasts, your team has the reports they need at their fingertips. Create detailed spend analysis reports in seconds. Having one single view of company spending helps you monitor performance against your spending goals.


Benefits At A Glance

Eliminate Paper

Reduce your carbon footprint while ensuring lost documentation is a thing of the past with secure, cloud based document management.

Gain Visibility

Full control of all your organization’s spend available anywhere, anytime, from any device. See where every penny goes and monitor the bottom line impact with real-time budgeting.

Improve Your Workflow

Improve speed and efficiency, remove opportunities for error or fraud, and reduce timewasting manual tasks.

Improve Your Workflow

Easily configured to meet the needs of your business. Ensure compliance and oversight while making sure operations run smoothly.

Secure Cloud App

All data and documents are securely stored and backed up automatically. Work from wherever you are and depend on us for security and up-time.

Features To Help Your Business

Your job is to make purchasing as efficient as possible, which is no easy feat. E-procurement solutions ensure that you maintain control over company spending, maximise profitability, and pay the best price for goods or services. If you ask us, it’s a no-brainer.


When you can see how your organization is performing overall, as well as how regions, departments, and users are contributing, compliance becomes much easier. Customized spend limits ensure that your team stays on budget without granular oversight.


Real-time, full visibility into spend management helps you stop maverick spending and stay on budget. With an e-procurement system that allows you to see real-time budget impact, you’ll have a new level of control and predictability.

AP Automation

Customized workflows enable you to achieve AP automation from purchase requisition through to three-way matching. Modernizing this process ensures that your team can control costs, capture discounts, and reduce errors.

Implementation & Support

We will help you every step of the way and take the strain off your IT team. From initial planning and implementation, through staged roll-outs where needed, and on-going support whenever you need it.

Inventory & Supplier Management

With inventory management, employees can place orders for goods you’ve got tucked away. Easily add preferred suppliers and popular items to saved catalogues so that you always get the best value.

Workflow Efficiency

Streamline your processes throughout the procure-to-pay cycle. Ensure you realise workflow efficiencies to save your team’s time, enforce compliance, and get your company working at maximum power.

Mobile Productivity

The desktop workday is no longer the reality for the majority of workers. BYOD, off-site staff, multiple offices, trading in multiple countries, site-based projects, and any number of other scenarios. Take away IT headaches and make sure your procurement process continues to flow productively no matter where your staff are or what device they are using.

Purchase Order Software

Easy to use Purchase Order Software in the cloud to manage requests, create POs, monitor spending, approve invoices quickly, and reduce paperwork throughout the process. Get greater accuracy, speed, visibility, and control in your purchasing management workflows.



Streamline your procure-to-pay process with our integrations

We can integrate with your existing software to ensure streamlined and integrated workflows. Like an ERP without the costs.



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Real Estate


Property Management


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With better reporting, vendor management capabilities, and order tracking, nonprofits can budget more effectively, curb overspending, achieve greater compliance, and eliminate waste.

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