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Supply Chain Management
SME Journal Supply Chain

SME Journal Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a full suite of enterprise application capabilities—including purchase management, sourcing, and procurement, inventory management, advanced material management, shipping and receiving, and warehouse management—and is complemented by forecasting, order management, and analytics capabilities. 

A highly effective supply chain is critical to the success of your strategic growth initiatives. Top-performing manufacturers are empowering supply chain processes with innovative technology that is best-fit for unique operational needs, easy to use, and informed by industry best practices. 

SME Journal provides effective coordination from initial raw materials to the ultimate delivery of the finished product, transforming your supply chain into a results-driven value chain.

SME Journal Seamless Information

Seamless Sharing of Information

Automated flow of information across the supply chain, preventing fragment information that leads to sales loss.

SME Journal Reduced Overhead Cost

Reduced Overhead Costs

More accurate demand predictions to reduce the overhead costs associated with storing slow-moving inventory.

SME Journal Quality Control

Improved Quality Control

Get greater control over suppliers and provides more time for complaint, resolution, and findings for quality assessment.

SME Journal Improved Risk Mitigation

Improved Risk Mitigation

Analyze granular supply chain data to reveal potential risks for the company to be ready.

SME Journal Efficiency Rate

Higher Efficiency Rate

Real-time data on the availability of materials and manufacturing delays to allow the company to implement backup plans.

SME Journal Improved Cash Flow

Improved Cash Flow


Predict and respond to market and demand changes and reduce supply chain disruptions accurately.

SME Journal Shipping Optiization

Shipping Optimization

Helps in identifying the most efficient shipping methods for small parcels, large bulk orders and other shipping scenarios.

SME Journal Better Demand

Keeping Up With Demand


Access to accurate information and integrated data to predict demand better and readily respond to changing market conditions.

SME Journal Procurement

Order Management

Order management begins when an order is placed and ends when it is received. Whether it be items or services. It contains the lifecycle of an order digitally. This includes the broadloom integration from multiple channels using inventory databases. More features would be data collection, order processing, and more. Real-time visibility of the order lifecycle starting from ordering, making sure that the orders are organized and not lost or delayed, until the process of receiving the said orders.

SME Journal Inventory

Transport Management

Provides visibility into the everyday transportation operations, trade compliance information, and documentation of the company. It ensures the timely delivery of goods. Streamlines the shipping process and making it easier for businesses to manage and optimize their transportation operations. This would automate the processes regarding transportation for a more efficient and faster way of operations. It imports the security in transit of the goods, tracks freight, and optimizes import and exchange compliance.


Important to companies when it comes to the final decision on purchasing. Provides the company with a value that they can use to procure the goods they need. This would include the receipt and the approval of payment, and the processing of demand. Using our software will allow the company's workers to request for purchases more conveniently. This will also make the approval process easier all throughout.

SME Journal Order Management


Inventory is the products or materials that the company offers to its customers. These are the materials brought to the warehouse of the company, the materials that are in the company's warehouse until they are ready to be shipped or moved, and the finished goods ready to be pulled for orders. It facilitates the balancing of supply and demand. Tracking inventory is essential for companies. 

SME Journal Transport Management